Satellite Passing with its own cloud?



787-9 Maiden Flight

IMG_4277.jpgI was tasked by to provide some secondary coverage of the Boeing 787-9 first flight. It was my first opporrunity to cover a Boeing event from the press area. After a few minor delays, the 787-9 took to the air as planned and made a 5 hour flight without event and touched down at the flight testing center at Boeing Field.



Ptarmigan Ridge Hike

IMG_0833.jpgAlong with my son and good hiking friend Trent, we set off to Artists' Point near Mount Baker for an overnight hike to Ptarmigan Ridge. The USFS service station indicated that there was snow on the trail and route finding required and they were right. Though only about 10% of the trail was snow-covered, the spots that were were usually deep and fairly steep. The views began immediately and only got better as we progressed.


Comet C/2011 L4 PanSTARRS

IMG_6371.jpg Finally got a view of Comet PanSTARRS over Bothell. 


The Brake Equation


Driving in traffic the other day I was trying to name all of the instant warning signs on seeing another driver that will cause me grief on my drive. I know it's not a true mathematical representation but I thought it might be fun to present my findings like the Drake Equation, the equation designed to calculate the number of extaterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. 



Supermoon from Seattle 2012

IMG_5901-2.jpg Another break in the usual Seattle spring weather gave me the oppurtunity to photography the Supermoon rising behind something interesting in the area. My first choice was Three Fingers.


Japan Airlines 787 Double Delivery

Japan Airlines took delivery of their first two 787's, the first powered by GE engines.




A few days ago, Gizmodo featured a story about a a photographer that turned a vintage camera into a lens for his DSLR. Well, heck, I can do that!


Aurora Borealis - May 8, 2012

A March 7 X5-class flare delivered a glancing blow to our ionosphere and led to over 24 hours of auroral activity. I headed south to avoid the clouds over Seattle and ended up near Black Diamond and captured the dim, but active display.

The aurora, as visible from our area, rarely get the waving and curling arms you see in photos from Norway and the Yukon, but we do get to see the full extent of the rays, from the green base to the violet and red tops.

Video details:


Boeing 747-8 VIP Delivery

I was able to cover the Boeing 747-8 VIP delivery press conference and fly away on behalf of this week. This was technically the first Intercontinental passenger version delivered, but it is the VIP version rather than the true passenger version which will be delivered to Lufthansa later this month.


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