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We got rid of cable!

Comcast has been ratcheting up our monthly cable bill for a long time now, pushing the bill for our cable up to over $100 a month! We only have 1 cable box with HD programming, but we have 3 others doing standard def. We have no extended packages such as HBO, ESPN or otherwise, just regular, HD cable. We found out that there was some strange clause that allowed them to enable or continue features we weren't using or even interested in. In any case we have had it with their shinanigans and outrageous prices.


Our new XBMC box is on line!

Sweet! Our new XBMC box is online. It automatically downloads our TV shows from Usenet (yeah, it's still around, apparently) sort of like a DVR without needing a cable hookup. It even speaks UPNP with our Mythtv box so we can use the XBMC box it to watch stuff we DVR'd with the Mythtv box. Might eventually merge the two so I'm not running two PC's in the living room, but I'm afraid to touch the myth box after 4 years of off-and-on hackery. 


Home Improvement - so close to being done!

We really worked hard around Christmas to get the kids' rooms done before the end of the year, and aside from a few minor tasks, we accomplished it. Hayley's room is complete aside from the formica I need to glue to MDF for her counter and desktops. Cohen's room has a hole to fix in the ceiling where I clumsily broke through.. The master bedroom is finished save for one piece of crown moulding which I need to grind down to fit a severe bow in the ceiling (almost 3/8" of an inch). Some touch ups of paint and caullk and we're there.


Big update on the remodel

The master bath project is very nearly complete. The master bedroom is lacking only the finishing touches as well. The guest room is now Cohen's bedroom and it has been completed, now we're commencing on the remodel of Hayley's room. Master Bathroom The big project was the Master Bath and its essentially finished, save some crown molding and a glass block divider to be added.


Lots of progress on the Master Bath

After months of not seeing a whole lot of progress, a sudden surge of work has occured. My dad came up last week and we cut the wall we intended to make a half wall and taped and mudded the drywall. After a few more coats of mud and sanding, we're essentially ready to begin tiling, which is very exciting.

The shower stall is covered in almost-raw latex which dried a deep blue, almost black. This will provide the outermost moister barrier under the tile.


More bathroom work...

With my dad's help we managed to pour the final morter that forms the drain slope of the shower, and put up some of the concrete board.


Concrete cylinders HO!

Looks like I\'ll make another attempt to get more of those concrete cylinders tonight, with the help of Erik and Eric. I want to get as many as I can before the weekend, as the lady giving them away said there were people coming this weekend to gather more.


The side yard is done.




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