Protecting Your Photos with Watermarks

A common worry by many photographers is the theft of their work when they share it on the Internet. A common way to protect yourself from this is to digitally watermark the images. That is, superimpose some sort of identifying mark that prevents any illegal use of the image, yet does not detract from the image itself. A tough challenge with many solutions.


How to take pictures of the moon



A very frequent question one sees on the photography forums is how to take a simple shot of the moon. It sounds simple, but there are a few technical issues you must work out in order to accomplish acceptable results. Click below to learn how.

Shooting the Moon


Noctilucent Clouds (NLCs)

There's a buzz this summer in the Astronomy/Atmospheric communities about a little-understood atmospheric phenomena called "Noctilucent Clouds". For some reason, this summer has had an outpouring of sightings. With some keen observation and some timing, you can see and photograph these for yourself.


Vintage Motel Signs

This small photo essay has been a long-time dream of mine, but I've never really had the time to actually persue it until now.


Lens and Focal Length Usage Graph

Someone on #photogeeks posed an interesting question this morning. Basically asking if people with telephoto lenses shot mostly at the minimum or maximum focal length all the time rather than in between. I thought it would be a neat graph to see.All of the data that I would need to great a chart based on was ready to collect in the EXIF data within the images, I just needed to collect it. So I wrote a script that would scrape, collect and parse the "Focal Length" tag as well as the "Image Digitized" tag.


Wild Kingdom brought to you by Washington Mutual

Back when I was a kid the whole family would gather round the TV console for another exciting episode of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, with the host, Marlin Perkins. Today, at the office, we got a little taste of that show right on our very own ledge.A coworker asked me, "Liem, do you have your big camera with you?"
"Yes, why?"
"Come see this".


If Newbie Forums had Bestseller Lists

Bestselling Books as selected by readers of various photo forums on the Internet:

  • The Art of the Duck
  • Backyards: More is Less
  • Perfect Photos of Your Less-than-perfect Children
  • "What bird is this?" A Guide to the Most Common Birds Ever
  • Potrait or Mugshot: a Guide to Flash Photography
  • DOF explained: A guide to perfectly sharp,irrelevant, ugly backgrounds
  • Know Your Subject, Know You Suck


My White Whale

I don't consider myself a planespotter, at least not to the degree where I concern myself with tracking tail numbers and such, but I do enjoy sitting at the end of a runway snapping photos of airliners on approach. However, I have found myself a little obsessed with a certain aircraft, which made a recent appearance here in Seattle.I have seen glimpses of this aircraft at various times through the years, usually seeing it sitting down on the tarmac of Boeing field while I drive by on I-5 at 65mph up above.


The Original Ken Rockwell Facts

For a couple long hours, the folks on's #photogeeks IRC channel dropped lines about Ken Rockwell, the photographer/blogger we love to hate.

We created these morsels along the same vein as the infamous Chuck Norris Facts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Ken Rockwell Facts

Contributed by liem, Epic|, Fufie, michel_v, neom, Wintre, Bas|k, lament, mattsteg__ and pal.




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