Why I love Washington

I've lived in Washington State my entire life. I've traveled and stayed for extended periods in various other regions of the US and I have never found a place as geologically diverse as Washington.


A tough shot

Its always good to challenge one's self with regards to a hobby or skill, so the other day I was put to the test with getting a full moon (the "Snow Moon" as they call it) juxtaposed with the iconic Space Needle. I saw the potential for the shot the morning before during my commute, so I planned to try to capture it the next day, which proved to be clear.


DIY Super Long Range RF Remote

This trick comes from DP Review's forums where a fellow with the handle Denny2020 posted his simple idea of adapting a pair of cheap 2 mile walkie-talkie style RF radios into use as a remote trigger for his camera.

I'm duplicating his instructions, with his gracious permission, here for the sake of clarity (it falls across a few separate threads there).


Lego lens?

I discovered that my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens may be made by Lego. Today, while I was taking a lunch break on the Elliot Bay Water Taxi I was pulling my windbreaker out of my camera back when I heard that awful *whack* sound that only a lens dropping in a steel deck can make. The only sound worse than that is the clickity of two distinct pieces rolling independantly of eachother.


Ghost City experiment

This really isn't a Canon or DSLR-specific trick, but for a lack of a better place to talk about it, this is where I'll do my write up.


Reverse-Macro Adapter

For a while now I've been using the "reverse macro" method of macro photography. Its been working ok, but having to hold the lens in that position prohibits me from using a tripod or shutter release cable, which is quite a pain, specially when leaning over a flower.


Discovering Meteor Impacts, My Contribution

There was an article on this weekend about an fellow who discovered 2 previously undiscovered meteor impacts with Google Earth.



How I got a Canon EOS 10D for $75

Cheap TricksThis is a rather fun, though risky, experiment I performed recently. I was wondering just what kind of profits were to be had by "flipping" (buying and reselling at a higher price) items purchased on Craigslist.


Taking pictures of star trails


For those fortunate enough to live in a place where one can actually see more than a handful of stars, the topic of taking those classic "star trails" photos often comes up. It seems fairly straight forward, right? Well, discuss how to get all your ducks in a row for a long night of shooting.

Click below for the full article.


Chasing Waterfalls

Digital Rebel FAQ Series

Compose, focus, click. That is all it takes, right? Sure, if you want a standard, some-what lifeless waterfall photo. You may have noticed that in photos of waterfalls (large and small cascades) sometimes really pop and have a dynamic nature about them? How do you achieve these kinds of results? Click below for some hints and help.


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