2 Weeks in the Caribbean

After 2 weeks and 9 islands in the Caribbean, what can I say other than I wish I was still there? It was a great vacation, the whole family had a blast. Details and photos at my photo site.


Summer Recap (clearing out the blogwebs)

Been a busy simmer, as usual. Between remodelling and the usual stuff, there were a few vacations and outings crammed into our summer and fall. I'll detail a few of them below, including:



Aurora Borealis Again!

It happened again! A very energetic sunspot blew a nice blast of plasma directly toward the Earth this November and it created an unbelievale auroral display in Washington. Tim and I managed to get our cameras running at the peak of the storm. November 7, 2004

A directly Earth-directed X1 flare blasted past the our magnetosphere last night around 7pm on up to around midnight, and oh my what a show it was.


Spring Break trip

Went to coast, Washington and Oregon, for spring break this year. Pictures here.


Christmas came early this year

. Jenn presented me, forefully, with my Christmas present early this year. Though normally reluctant to open anything before Christmas eve, I couldn't resist and opened the box. DAMN.. A Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel SLR!!


Aurora Borealis

The third largest recorded coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun slammed into the earth around midnight on October 28 spurning the intense aurura all the way from California to Goergia. For a short period, the aurora was visible between the clouds in here in Bothell. managed to get some photos before the clouds closed in completely.


Naches Peak Loop

Cohen and I went on a gorgeous hike at the Chinook Pass summit this Sunday. I read that this was an easy hike and I knew Cohen would enjoy himself so we decided to go.

The hike was extremely easy, but the payoff was amazing. From small unnamed ponds with green/blue water to the imemnse Mount Rainier, there was eye-candy abound. The fall colors were starting to appear, with lots of vibrant red ground cover.


My telescope is fixed!

I finally sent my telescope in for repair at Celestron. Almost 2 years ago I cracked the corrector plate of my C8. Well in July I sent it in and it arrived yesterday, just in time for Mars' closest approach.

It has a new matced corrector plate and cleaned, collimated optics. So far the results are good.


Hiking Squire Creek Pass

On the drive to see Annie Get Your Gun in Leavenworth with Tim and Joyce, Tim and I decided to take a hike the next day. Despite getting home from the play at 1:30am, we deciided to go anyways, and were on our way to Darrington by 8:30.


Aerial Photography

A few weeks before we left for Long Beach, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to hang a digital camera from a kite....The key to getting this project off the ground was to protect the camera from the environment. Shock, sand and mposture. I accomplished this by sealing the camera and remote in a ziplock bag, and protecting it with the foam that normally protects computer hard drives in boxes.


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