Brae Creast Weather Station

Jenn bought me a Honeywell TE923W Professional Weather Station for Christmas. If you're into tracking the weather where you live, its a really fun set of instruments and a base station on which to watch weather in a new way.The unit comes with the following instruments:


Aurora Borealis Again!

It happened again! A very energetic sunspot blew a nice blast of plasma directly toward the Earth this November and it created an unbelievale auroral display in Washington. Tim and I managed to get our cameras running at the peak of the storm. November 7, 2004

A directly Earth-directed X1 flare blasted past the our magnetosphere last night around 7pm on up to around midnight, and oh my what a show it was.


Aurora Borealis

The third largest recorded coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun slammed into the earth around midnight on October 28 spurning the intense aurura all the way from California to Goergia. For a short period, the aurora was visible between the clouds in here in Bothell. managed to get some photos before the clouds closed in completely.


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