Fixing a fraying iPhone/iPod/iTouch USB cable



 I found that after a lot of usage, and accidental tugging and yanking, that my iphon charging cord was becoming damaged were the cord runs into the plug head. My first inclination was to use regular black electrical tape to fix the problem, but I hate now the stuff leaves sticky residue and tends to slide around.


DIY Ghetto Flash Extender



DIY Super Long Range RF Remote

This trick comes from DP Review's forums where a fellow with the handle Denny2020 posted his simple idea of adapting a pair of cheap 2 mile walkie-talkie style RF radios into use as a remote trigger for his camera.

I'm duplicating his instructions, with his gracious permission, here for the sake of clarity (it falls across a few separate threads there).


More bathroom work...

With my dad's help we managed to pour the final morter that forms the drain slope of the shower, and put up some of the concrete board.


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