Viva Las Vegas

IMG_2184.jpgI'm a pretty unimpulsive person. I like to approach things in a calculated manner with no surprises, however last week, that all went out the window. A close friend of ours win a week's use of a condo in Las Vegas and invited us to go, not thinking that we'd actually take them up on it. But we did! They had an entire extra suite at their disposal. The trick was that I was still had to work, and my son still had school. 

The hemming and hawing of the decision had to be made by 2:30pm in order to make the last Allegiant flight out of Bellingham in time, and it was nearing 2pm. I consulted with my manager and it was allowed that I was OK to work my 8 hours from the condo in a staggered fashion. C is going well in school, so we figured we could swing it. So at 2pm Jenn clicked 'submit' on the ticket order page and we had 30 minutes to pack.


Back from Long Beach

Fantastic trip, great friends, perfect weather. Our SandSations 2003 project was to make a Japanese Garden with a skinny zipper, based on the title we all liked: Zen Skinnydipping. Though we didn't win, it was definitely our best contribution ever. We had a great time.

Took massive amounts of photos at the Long Beach and Cape Disappointment. Jenn has all of the photos of the social events...


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