Jenn bought me a Honeywell TE923W Professional Weather Station for Christmas. If you're into tracking the weather where you live, its a really fun set of instruments and a base station on which to watch weather in a new way.The unit comes with the following instruments:

  • Anemometer (wind speed)
  • Outside thermometer and hygrometer (humidity)
  • Inside thermometer and hygrometer
  • UV level sensor
  • Rain collection/measuring unit
  • Base station with large LCD display

Its a bit cumbersome to set up initially, but once you do its very easy to use. You have to calibrate the unit to your Timezone, latitude and longitude as well as altitude. I found that Google Earth is a great tool for getting all of that information for my location.

The base unit displays everything in realtime as well as stores historical records and trends for most parameters. My favorite feature is the USB datalink that allows you to log data to an attached PC.

The unit came with software but I was never able to get it working. Luckily, Weather Display, a third party application not only supported the unit, it included its own USB driver for it. The Weather Display software tracks the fine details of the weather much more granularly than the base unit does and can display it more frequently. The included web template is quite ugly, so I wrote my own, and you can see it at I just hikjacked a WordPress theme and put it on my own site.

The only problem I have noticed so far is that the wind vane is not getting enough direct exposure to the wind. Our house is located at the base of a hill and is surrounded by tall Douglas Firs on most sides, so its not the ideal place to locate it. Right now the vane is approximately 20 feet off the ground on a pole in my backyard.