Every year, dozens upon dozens of bizjets descend on Boeing Field for Bill Gates' annual CEO Summit, and this year was no exception. I completely forgot about it until I checked the flight trackers, which I do almost religiously each morning, to see what flights were heading for KBFI in the next few hours in case something interesting was enroute. On Wednesday, KBFI's tracker looked like an airport for a major city with a huge number of inbound flights. I thought I was looking at the wrong city:

Picture 7.png

I quickly googled and found that May was the time frame for the annual summit, so it explained why so many bizjets were on the way. I estimated that at the moment I was looking at the above image, there was at least $500,000,000 in aircraft on the way to Seattle at that instant. I checked each, and though most ID's were blocked, the aircraft were a mix of G-V's and Falcons and Challengers, the usual Fortune 500 type airframes. Then I saw it. The flight plan for VP-BRT. The most beautiful 737 in the world, and quite possibly, most beautiful airliner in the world. This particular VIP 737 is owned by Russian billionaire Roustam Tariko. 

The CEO summit also means the chance of seeing the Saudi royal family's 747-400, which has been usual attendee of the summit as well. 

So as soon as I was off work, I booked it to KBFI to catch VP-BRT. Arriving at KBFI it was quite obvious that the Saudi Kingdom 747 was here, as it compeltely dominated every other bizjet at the airport. It must have arrived in the cover of darkness, so I would have to be happy with a distant, static shot.


I've never seen as much traffic arriving at KBFI. Jet after jet arrived literally non-stop for the entire time we were there, interspersed with Boeing test flight arrivals of a 787, 747-8F and a 737 (FlyPegasus.com greenie). Even though I don't normally shoot bizjets, I was up and down my ladder snapping them in case there was a particularly interesting paint job. 

VP-BRT arrived, though to my chagrin, taxied to Clay Lacy on Alpha, rather than Bravo, but the lighting was great and I got the shots I wanted. 




All in all, it was a great day for bizjet shooters, and a great day for catching the most beautiful 737 out there.