Girl, Interrupted [DVD, netflix]. Winona and Lara Croft share feelings at an Asylum. One and a half stars. Click below to read more...Not something I would have picked to watch at the theater, via rental or even on TV, but these things do happen when you're married.

Essentially a slightly misfit Susanna (Ryder) is convinced to commit herself to a psychiatric ward to treat her tendency to mix memory with reality (essentially she just zones out). Only to meet the over-the-top Lisa (Lara Croft) and her two friends, Upper Lip and Lower Lip.

They eventually become fast friends as well as with some of the other loonies in the movie...yadda yadda yadda...they break out of the ward...bada-bing...their friend kills herself...big bucks no whammy...they come back and Susanna is eventually fit for release.

Smarmy, predictable movie. I wouldn't give Lara Croft any sort of Oscar for her role, but her lips could get some sort of Best Supporting Special Effects or something.

One and a Half Stars

I'd give it 2 if they would have improved Winona's wet t-shirt much potential.