This morning we had our second lowest temperature of the year, bottoming out at 19F. I went out with my iphone and handy macro lens to snap a few pictures of the frost leaves and found that most of the dirt under the plants was covered in hoar frost columns! 



I've only seen this phenomena in the mountains. I believe it is caused by moisture being forced out of the ground and freezing, almost like play-doh as it is pushed out of the Fuzzy Pumper Barrber chair. It lifts the loose dirt and pebbles on the ground up about 1 to 2 inches. It is quite neat, but hard to miss if you don't step on it because it just looks like the regular ground, only lifted up by ice by a few inches.

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. First, Venus and the Moon rose together, then due to some fortunate perspective, an amazing cloud formation formed to the due south and took on a very feathery, ethereal apperance.