I've never been really happy with the look of the main page of my photo albums. So after perusing the CSS Zen Garden site, I decided I would try to use CSS instead of fancy images and tables to do the site.

The trick is that I'm using Marginal Hack's Album tool to generate my album pages. My goal was to have a generated .html totally devoid of any <font> or other formatting tags and do all of the layout and formatting in pure CSS. So it meant stripping out all of the formatting from


and the theme config files, which was fairly easy.

The hardest part was learning CSS on the fly. I think I am getting the hang of it and you can check out a first round draft of the site with CSS.

I've found that Mozilla does a much better job at rendering the CSS than Internet Explorer, so if you have Mozilla, I'd recommend it for viewing that page.

I'm having some difficulty with relative/absolute paths for images, since I want some customization for each sub album, but I'm seeing some ways around that...