As a daily bus rider in the Puget Sound area, I was hoping that there was some sort of iPhone app that would allow me to track the location of my bus. Every morning I use King County Metro's Tracker, which is a Java applet on their website which would be useless in Mobile Safari.

The Metro app looks a bit like this:

Picture 14.png

Picture 15.png

It allows me to time when I should leave the house for the Park & Ride which means I only have to actually stand around at the bus stop for a few minutes, which is great on a cold or rainy morning. Now I was ready for that kind of utility in the palm of my hand.

I looked around and did not find any true iPhone apps, but I did find a fantastic website called "One Bus Away" that provides a WAP interface which works perfectly in Mobile Safari and offers concise, accurate and useful Metro bus information:


I would recommend this to any Seattle-area Metro bus commuter. Unfortunately, Sound Transit lacks the timing API for 3rd party developers to take advantage of, so this only works for Metro scheduling.