These are some of the more choice comments I've stumbled across today regarding President Obama's school speech. I am a bit annoyed by the decision of most news outlets to permit commenting on stories, I think it is detracting and inappropriate, but when they are about a story such as this, they are like CRACK. I just can't stop reading them. They are a trainwreck of national proportions and I just can't get enough.

"molly2" at "As a mother, grandmother I am frustrated and mad our president is to telling our children how to think! Why aren't parents screaming!
He sounds like Hitler in Germany! I will never have my grandchildren in public school to where they have to pledge to the president and not the flag or to God! And today he sounds like he's trying to be everyones "Daddy"
not the President. Leave the parenting to the parents and get back to running the country, mind your own business Obama! Now I'm telling him as a citizen and a grandmother! I am so outraged!"

"upchuck" at "He's just another creepy guy I don't want my kids listening to or speaking with."

"TruthSquad01" at ">"the man is trying to encourage children" Yea, like giving the home work assignments on "How can I help Obama", similar to Hitler's Youth or how about N. Korea's "Oh Great Leader!" and Hugo now out there telling all the communists and terrorist leaders of the world that they must "Help Obama succeed."

"daweeni" at "When I saw the text of his speech, I thought I was reading the Communist Manifesto. Absolutely disgraceful. I cannot believe that anyone could stoop so low, when addressing our nation's precious children. I AM OUTRAGED!!! God bless those sane people who protected their family from this sort of thing."

 "dougknowsall" at "Ohmygod, I just heard the speech. Somewhere near the end of it all, I realized that we just allowed the President to create a new generation of pinko, Commie subversives. Everything he said pointed to it........why can't you all see it?"