ptphoto4.jpgThe Photoswap (PS) developers seem to be pretty content with their app, no doubt they have thousands of users and the app does what it says it does. However, I noted in a previous post the numerous shortcomings and my wishlist of improvements for a Photoswap "v2". Well, another group decided enough was enough and came out with their improved version of the app called "PhotoTrader" (PT) and it does address almost all of my issues with Photoswap.

Phototrader works on the same principle of Photoswap: you take a photo, it goes to a random PT user and you get a photo from them in return. You can then choose to continue to swap, one-for-one, a photo. However, PS's shortfall was a lack of threading. If you drop the ball on a swap when the ball was in your corner, they were gone forever.

PhotoTrader's Improvements

  • Threading
  • Buddylist
  • User blocking
  • Adult content blocking
  • Instant Messaging (no more writing on paper and snapping it!)

Other PhotoTrader changes

  • Larger image
  • More battery use


You now have the ability to maintain conversations over time with users you come in contact with. You can respond to them and send multiple responses, instead of the 1-for-1 method of Photoswap.




If you want to keep a contact around for a long time, for long swaps, or you just like what they send, you can add them to your "Friends". If you don't add them, they may fall off the thread queue over time.

User Blocking

Or as it should be called, "Cock Blocking". If you don't like what a user sends? You can ban them. According to PT, this is a permanent block and cannot be revoked, but I would imagine that's not going to be a problem. Accidentally reporting on PS was a common occurance, but the block button on PT seems to take an extended press, but that might just be me?


Adult Content Blocking

I haven't fully tested this. I would imagine that if you set it ON, you set yourself to that status as well, otherwise I don't see a way to flag your own content as Adult? But it seems to be a welcome addition.

Instant Messaging

This is one of the most welcome additions to the app that wasn't on my wishlist. The ability to send text or overlay a photo with text. No more typing in notepad.exe or writing on a pad of paper and sending it. You can send text right from the app. This is probably the 2nd best improvement over threading in PT.

Larger Image

This is both good and bad. It uses more bandwidth, which makes it a lot slower on 3G and Edge, where PS was very usable. You get more detail, but at a price. I think this should be configurable.

More battery use

I thought PS was hard on your battery, however, PT is much worse. I am not sure if it is the larger image transfer, or the updating of the "xx minutes ago" updates on the exchanges queue or what, but it uses more battery than PS, and PS was a hog.

The good, the bad and the ugly


ptphoto2.jpgThe improvements in the app make it an obvious upgrade to Photoswap. Threading, texting and blocking are excellent and must-haves for this type of application. However,all of the UI improvements in the world are not going to improve the quality of the user photos. I was hoping that it being so new that it might be utilized better than photoswap. Photoswap has become a sewer of men looking for T&A, and PT is no better, in fact it may even be worse. The ability to "camp on" to a user with threading will lead to women having dozens of possible hangers-on, with no recourse but to block. With Photoswap, all they need to do is not respond to a person and that person was essentially cut off.

So, in reality, Phototrader is one massive sausage fest. 98% of the "bio" (phototrader's version of "info") are men blatantly stating they're looking for hot women and will gladly show their junk in exchange. Seriously, do you really think that works?

In conclusion


Phototrader does an exceptional job of improving Photoswap. Unfortunately, those improvements actually make it a worse app for certain people who want to use the app. If you're a dude looking for other dudes who are looking for chicks, this app is for you. If you're a person looking to exchange creative or non-sexual photos with other users of this vein, you may find them, but you will have to wade through the blokes mentioned above, and its a very, very busy wading pool. If you're a female, god help you, you might want to switch back to Photoswap, unless you're looking for cock, because it's raining men. For women, the "Previously viewed exchanges" would be better called "Stalker list", you will be very, very busy.

But, try it out, but keep Photoswap in your workspace, just in case.