The Rookie (DVD, Netflix). Typical Disney feel-good movie, I think its the first time we've rented a G movie that wasn't for the kids. Two and a half stars. Click below to read my review...The movie is well done, and amazingly true to the story. Its the story about a talented baseball player who missed his first chance and managed, by almost a miracle, to get a second change.

Jimmy Morris was a typical Army brat, who moved 14 times before settling in Big Lake, Texas, a decidedly all-american football town. He eventually plants his roots and starts family there, eventually becoming science teacher and baseball coach.

After realizing his rediscovered talent as a pitcher, he loses a bet with his team, he has to try out for a major league team.

The movie is well paced, the characters are all likable and well played. Dennis Quiad is tops with his heartfelt portrayal of Jimmy.

I think the downer of the film was watching the documentary on the real Jimmy Morris. You then realize he looks nothing like Dennis Quaid. It sort of spoils the illusion of the movie, which I suppose is kudos to Quaid's skills as an actor, he becomes more believable than the real guy. I'm not sure if watching the documentary before the movie would help.

Overall, its worth a watch. The DVD transfer was superior, very sharp and great color.

Two and a half stars