Its not surprise that Seattle goes to absolute crap in the snow. The combination of snow, a snow that melts, then a deep freeze (thank you Canada) turns our hills, overpasses and interstate freeways into absolute hell zones. A friend of ours had a 12 HOUR COMMUTE. He got home at 4am. Rear-drive articulated buses don't do well on ice.

Picture 7.png

Having been fortunate enough to work at home during 2008's "Snowmageddon" and for this year's "SnOMG", I get to watch the weather transpire from the safety of my house. The downside is I don't get a snow day! The kids' school was cancelled, Jenn's college was closed so everyone was home enjoying the clear sunny day.

If you look closely, just above the shrubs just below the center, you can see the kids on their sledding hill beyond.

My weather cam captured the snow and then the snow day.The music is "New West" by Peter Buffett, from the "Spirit" soundtrack.