Now that the Ken Rockwell Facts post has sufficiently made the rounds, from to himself, its time to do a little reflecting on the whole thing.What I am most happy about is the fact that, like Chuck Norris, Ken has found the humor in the post. I was hoping to see that rather than a Cease and Desist order in my mailbox.

The reaction to the post has been overwhelmingly positive, most people just laughing about it, some people thinking that I'm giving too much credit and credibility to Ken Rockwell. I see it both ways. I think its a pretty funny list of photographic puns that could have been published without any specific naming of a real person, but adding Ken in there, with his already bipolar set of fans and critics put a tangible edge to the whole thing.

A curious thing about this is that the traffic to the post spiked significantly after Ken posted about it on his own blog. The traffic nearly quadrupled all previous traffic in just a single day! There's no doubt that Ken's blog is read by a large number of people.

I'm also happy to say that unlike ad-weary Digg users, Ken Rockwell's readers are ad clickers. I suppose it helps that for whatever reason, the ads appearing on the page are significantly skewed toward Nikon ads.

Finally, I just wanted to reiterate my thanks to the guys over on #photogeeks. This wasn't a solo effort on my part, you guys wrote the puns. You all, surprisingly, are actually funny. Keep it up.