I've lived in Washington State my entire life. I've traveled and stayed for extended periods in various other regions of the US and I have never found a place as geologically diverse as Washington.

This photo is not overly exciting, but it shows within just a few thousand pixels one of the reasons I am so fascinated by this state. A ferry boat is just a mode of transportation in most places of the world, but for some reason, they take on an almost iconic status here. I'm not sure exactly why but there is a certain romantic connection that people in Western Washington have with the ferries of the Washington Ferry System. Perhaps is their stark white and green color scheme, or how vital a part of many Seattle commuters' lives they are. Such a conveyance may be taken for granted in most placed, but they're revered here.

I took this photo from a pier down near the Coleman docks. The colors are a little washed, but I do like the way the water and the ruggedness of the Olympic mountains contrast one another.