The book I'm reading

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Treasure Island guy is, so far, a very good read. I'm just plowing through it (though after reading Anna Karenin anything is easy to read). Its got some great Scottish drogue in it and quite a few words I've never seen used. I'd recommend it to anyone. Even though there's no one out there to read what I just wrote.


More yard work

I keep digging myself in deeper and deeper. I found a local couple that has a pile of 12"x6" concrete cylinders they're giving away. I found them through the King County Reusable Materials Exchange. So that means hauling, lifting and stacking 130 or so 30lb concrete cylinders. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

In any case, they'll make a nice border wall in the back yard along the bushes and save myself $300 in the process.


Cereal or BM?

We have this bag of Malt-o-meal cereal in the pantry, the name Corn Bursts reminded me of an experience on the porcelain the day after a summer barbeque....


Master Bath progress

This is the most demanding project I've undertaken so far. A complete gutting of the master bath. We've removed the tub, which we never used ourselves, and our expanding the shower and tiling the entire floor and shower. Even adding some glass block.

So far its going well, the demolition is complete, the pipes either capped off or modified for new shower fittings, the shower pan has been mortered and the rubber liner is in place.


Moore's Law: are we there yet?

It still boggles my mind that you can buy 512Megabytes of RAM for your PC for $25, and consumers can buy 250 Megabyte HDD's for their PC. At the office we have a 5 year old HP XP 256 disk array. The unit stores approximately 3 TB of data and takes up four 3/4 racks in the server room. Its being replaced by a single 2U Sun 3510 FC disk array.


Telescope is finally being repaired!

My bustificated C8 telescope has finally been shipped off to repair the cracked corrector plate. It should be back just in time for Mars to be at its closest in thousands of years, so hopefully I should be able to get some good views of the red planet in August. I'm glad its happening in the month that offers Seattle the best chances of clear sky, though there's a significant amount of atmospheric interference in the summer.


Coffee leech

So I gues now I\'m a coffee leech. I drink about 1 cup a day, maybe 2 if I\'m really tired. But I\'ve never made a pot of it at the office. I always make sure there\'s some in there to pour. Frankly, I\'m not even sure I know how to make coffee...


New header

I bought a really worn copy of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century from around 1940 which had some really great artwork on every other page. I intended to scan them for some reason or another, and this seemed like an apt place. The original picture above had bars on the window and Buck was wearing a ball and chain, so I erased them for use here.



Avoid using plastic \'kegger cups\' for more than a few weeks. They tend to get stinky around the rim. [ note to self: get new cup for the desk ]


First post!!!!!

I\'m so frigging l33t.

Well, I guess its inevitable. I start a blog, I update the blog, I forget about the blog. I give it 2 weeks. I\'m just testing out geeklog, see how I like it. I\' don\'t see any avatars. I really like avatars, damnit.


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