Another "mystery" object, this time over NYC

I'm just getting word that there was another "UFO" cloud sighting over New York last night and from the clips I've seen, it appears to be another sunlit contrail, this time in a horizontal alignment.

CBS 2 coverage: Did You See the Fire in the Sky?


The most notable feature I want to address about the video is this:


It was US Airways flight 808

Or was it? New evidence points to UPS902

One of my commenters below has given me some critical information that has lead me to update my assement of what flight caused the "mystery missile" contrail. Make no mistake, I stand by my assertion that the event was nothing more than a contrail, however, new, solid data has come in that has me changing my theory that the contrail in question was not caused by US Airways flight 808 (AWE808) but rather my second contender, United Parcel Service flight 902 (UPS902). In fact I believe I can definitevely say that UPS 902 was the flight that created the contrail on November 8, 2010.


Iphone Birding

I rigged up the iphone once more, this time on the ground feeder. I fully expected to capture a Stellars Jay and a Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco, but I did not expect to get the Spotted Towhee so clearly!


More and more

At least 10 Dark-eyed ("Oregon") Juncos at the feeder today, feeding on the seed dropped by the Jays. Another visit by a furtive Red-breasted Nuthatch. No rodents today.




The House Finch sentinal

I have noticed that the House Finch acts as almost a "safety barometer" for other birds. It is fairly fearless at the feeder, it perches and eats without flitting away between bites. When the house Finch perches, it seems as though the chickadees and sparrows determine that it is safe to feed and tend to congregate around the feeder when the finch does.



Another new bird

Today a new sparrow type was identified. The "Thick-billed" Fox Sparrow likes to perch on the feeder and eat with little fear.


And then there was this fella:




Seed reclaimation project

The Stellars Jays are by far my most frequent visitors, hanging out on the ground on my feeder (often 4-6 at a time). I don't mind them as they're raucous and attractive, however, they're picky. They shovel away the millet in order to get to the black sunflower seeds, which means a lot of my seed is ending up on the ground.

So I decided to attempt to make a screen to trap some of the dumped seeds in order to reclaim them. I made a simple frame with some extra hemlock and a bit of screendoor mesh from a previous repair...


Today's visitors

The spotted towhee was back again, as was the Northern Flicker which perched on our hottub cover. Also newly spotted: Red-breasted Nuthatch and a House Finch and a number of White-crowned Sparrows.

House Finch (red)


Red-breasted Nuthatch in our Butterfly bush


Northern Flicker visits again


New birds

A few new visitors today:


Northern Flicker:


Spotted Towhee:



iPhone Bird Watching!

I attached my iPhone to my bird feeder using a clamp and used the motion-sensing application "snaps" to capture the antics of the Stellars Jays that frequent my new feeder.





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