With Irene now thundering up the eastern seaboard, the weather in Nassau returned to relative normal. The sun was bright with a few passing thunderstorms. We awoke, had breakfast and packed to move back to the adjacent Comfort Suites. Today, our neighbors Chad and Jen and their kids would be sailing in to Nassau on board a Disney cruise ship. 

Prior to both of our departures, Chad loaned us a long range handheld two-way radio. The plan was that when they were docking in Nassau, they would call us and we'd hook up. We gave the plan about a 50/50 chance of working. However, after breakfast, we turned on the radio and within minutes we had contact with them as they were pulling in to the harbor! So we arranged a time to meet downtown for some shopping. We took a taxi to the port and soon met up with them. It was quite neat meeting our neighbors like this in a foreign country.

We took a tour of the Pirates of Nassau museum, not really knowing what to expect, but came out very impressed with the whole thing. It was a very informative and very nice museum, I would recommend it to any one visiting downtown Nassau. Hayley was surprised to learn that Blackbeard was a real pirate.

I was surprised to learn there was an actual "Golden Age" for piracy:

Photo Aug 26, 8 21 37 AM.jpeg Photo Aug 26, 9 05 08 AM.jpeg

We shopped and ate lunch and shopped a little more. After a few hours we parted ways. 

We returned to Paradise Island and hit the water park at Atlantis. Only 2 slides and 3 pools were open, so it was a bit crowded, however, with only 1 cruise ship in town and the ship's excursions to Atlantis cancelled, it wasn't half bad despite the limited operations. I can't imagine what it is like with 5 ships in port!

We then had some dinner and retired.

Photo Aug 26, 7 32 54 AM.jpeg Photo Aug 26, 8 07 14 AM.jpeg 
Photo Aug 26, 10 07 49 AM.jpeg 

Do not taunt Dora the Explorer on Vacation:

Photo Aug 26, 10 33 12 AM.jpeg