Finding Nemo (Theater). Took the kids to see Finding Nemo at the Grand Cinemas in Lynnwood. Very entertaining movie, Three stars. Click below to read my review...I guess its finally happened for me. I watch a CGI movie and I'm not distracted by the CGI but fully-engaged by the movie itself. Only at a few points was I paying closer attention to the CGI F/X than I was to the movie, and even then, there wasn't much plot development (intentional?).

I won't go over the story, most people should know it by now, so I'll just talk about the movie in general. The story is a sound one, predicable, but well paced.

Its truly amazing how far CGI has come since the blockbuster Toy Story. The realism of textures and motion is incredible. Though not working with complex textures like Monsters, Inc., they were working with a genre that requires accurate fluid motion.

While the human movement was still awkward, the animal motions were unreal. The scenes around the reef were amazing, with the play of the sun in the water.

All of the characters were agreeable, Dori was bordering on irritating, but that's what that kind of character is supposed to provide.

I'd definately rent this, and will, I'm sure, own it for the kids. I will go back and look for some of the Pixar in-jokes that one expects.

Overall I give the movie three and a half stars for technical achievement, but three stars for the story and the picture as a whole.