I Spy [DVR, netflix]. Midly funny, a few good laughs, but overall just a midly interesting movie. One and a half stars. Click below for my full review...My hopes weren't high on this movie going in, and they weren't exceeded. Owen Wilson was his usual aw-shucks, yet semi-cerebral self that we've seen in Shanghai Noon/Knights, Armageddon and other films. Murphy was his usual over-the-top self that we've seen in everything he's been in.

A few good spoofs on classic spy movies, but nothing better than Austin Power's has already done. The plot was a bit weak, but that's not the main reason you went to see this film. The chemistry between Wilson and Murphy paled in comparison to that of Wilson and Jackie Chan. It just didn't click.

No major action sequences or special F/X. Femke Jannsen seems to be showing her age, a far cry from her early work.

Overall the movie might be worth catching on TNT, but am glad I didn't pay for this in a theater.

One and a half stars