This spring, I entered the annual lottery for permits to hike the Enchantments area of the Apline Lakes District of the central Cascades. The Enchantments is an alpine valley that contains a chain of beautiful lakes nestled in jagged granite pinnacles. Its relative proximity to Leavenworth meant that it was in danger of over-use so they implemented a permit system to restrict access. 

I had visited the Enchantments in eighties with my late grandfaher, Fred. That time we approached from the Colchuck Lake/Aasgard Pass approach and dropped into the upper basin on a day hike. This time we'd be approaching from the Snow Lake/Creek site. A longer, but more "gradual" approach. By gradual I mean 6000 feet in 10 miles instead of a 4000 feet in 1 mile grade (Aasgard). My son, 11, was going with me, as well as 5 others: my old friend Chris, a former Expeditors co-worker Brett, a new friend Trent and long-time friends Neil and Tanya. 

Early reports (late July/August) had indicated large amounts of snow (95% cover) but a few weeks of steady sun had melted much of that out by our trip. 

It was a great hike, and here are a few photos that highlight some of the sights.