Ran [DVD/Netflix]. My mom recommended this title to me. Its Akira Kurosawa's take on Shakespear's King Lear. Three stars. Click below for my full review...Its an epic tale of the treachery of three sons and their father. This is a Japanese take on a classic story by William Shakespear. Also a japanese take on a period film with warlords and battles.

Filmed in a lavish location in Japan (which I didn't know could exist in Japan) with wide open spaces and beautiful fortresses. Like some classic american epics a "cast of thousands" was employed to fill the screen during the battle scenes.

The Japanese treatment of the violence and battles is a bit unique to that of american directors'. The blood was profuse and bright red, where americans tend to take a more realistic approach to gore.

The story is captivating despite being subtitled, I don't feel that it loses anything in the translation. Peter is cast well as the gender ambiguous jester.

A good movie, probably most appreciated by men. Three stars.