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Messing with the new Facebook layout

Facebook has notoriously contrained customization, which is a good thing, however, there are a few ways to exploit some personalization in the way your profile page looks, without going the direction of Myspace.

A few weeks ago an artist posted one of the first adaptations of this customization below, with various other styles showing up.

This is my second take on it, using a photo I took on January 1.


So I went with the iPhone

So it was inevitable, after experiencing the lackluster experience that was the LG Vu, and having already had a taste of the iPhone by using Jenns, it was just about a forgone conclusion that I would, too, end up with an iPhone.


My Review of the LG Vu mobile phone

lg-Vu-1.jpgMy ancient Razr V3 was finally starting to give up the ghost. After we returned from Antigua, it was never quite the same, but for many months the SIM card would become lose and cause it to stop working. But now, the #2 key stopped working intermittently. The current economic situation has made the most obvious and attractive replacement, the iPhone, a non-option, so I had to find the best "free" AT&T mobile to replace the Razr.



My review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700

I've been using a Canon Powershot G2 as a 'point and shoot' camera for almost as long as I can remember. Before I purchased a DSLR, a G2 was my main camera, and even after I had a DSLR, a G2 was my smaller 'carry-around' camera. It was bulky and only 4.1 megapixels, but it took amazing pictures. I decided that I wanted a new point and shoot camera, one like the Canon ELPH cameras that would fit in my pocket when I didn't want to carry around my whole DSLR kit. I finally settled on the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700. Here is my review.


DIY Ghetto Flash Extender




Ran [DVD/Netflix]. My mom recommended this title to me. Its Akira Kurosawa's take on Shakespear's King Lear. Three stars. Click below for my full review...Its an epic tale of the treachery of three sons and their father. This is a Japanese take on a classic story by William Shakespear. Also a japanese take on a period film with warlords and battles.


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