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Yet another way you can work for Google and not get paid

They have a new service (game?) that you can use to help them properly keyword random images thay may otherwise lack them in their search engine. Its called Google Image Labeler.Despite the idea that you're doing their work for them, its actually a bit of fun. Though I seem to run into more than a few people who have no idea what a lot of things are or use too simple of words to describe the image, like "man" or "tree". I don't see how those help Google, but I suppose they probably have that figured out.


Two in one day? Nope. Its a volcano.

This little bugger caught my eye, at first it looked like a nice, clean impact site, raised rim with sand drifting. Then I realized that the terrain next to it looked a lot like a lava field. Then, to the ENE is another similar lava field with very obvious vulcanization. Darn.


Another Impact? Could be.

So another one I have less confidence in but I'll make record of it just in case. I figure publishing it here is my way of saying "Dibs!" as if there was some sort of meteor impact land grab or something. Anyways, I present to you suspect impact site number two.Initially it looked promising but the more I examined it, with NASA's World Wind height exaggeration feature, its looking less and less probably, but there are certain features of it that make it an interesting possibility.


highest paying search terms?

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How I got a Canon EOS 10D for $75

Cheap TricksThis is a rather fun, though risky, experiment I performed recently. I was wondering just what kind of profits were to be had by "flipping" (buying and reselling at a higher price) items purchased on Craigslist.


Learnin' CSS

I've never been really happy with the look of the main page of my photo albums. So after perusing the CSS Zen Garden site, I decided I would try to use CSS instead of fancy images and tables to do the site.


Christmas came early this year

. Jenn presented me, forefully, with my Christmas present early this year. Though normally reluctant to open anything before Christmas eve, I couldn't resist and opened the box. DAMN.. A Canon EOS 300D Digital Rebel SLR!!


Random Image Finder

Someone else actually did this, but I enhanced it a little bit.

What is it? Its a Random Google Image Finder. It will search google for random variations of digital camera file names.

What's the point? Well, its very interesting the things you find people take pictures of. There seem to be a few common events that people take pictures of, yet some things are totally out there.



Its International Talk like a Pirate Day! So avast ye mainsel and give 'er the heave ho!


Its been a while

Haven't put anything here in a while. Some profound things have happened in my life recently, but I don't know how to put them down here. But life does go one and things are going well. Summer's pretty much over, the best summer in Seattle's history by most people's account. The kids are back in school already...


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