Supermoon from Seattle 2012

IMG_5901-2.jpg Another break in the usual Seattle spring weather gave me the oppurtunity to photography the Supermoon rising behind something interesting in the area. My first choice was Three Fingers.


Random photos from the past 2 weeks

A few weekends ago my son and I went to the Snohomish Trail Council's annual Klondike Derby, which is a winter camporee event where the scout patrols get to take part in various "gold rush"-themed events, and capping the day off with the actual race, which is a wheeled/skiid sled that the scouts themselves power around the course. This year, Troop 572 came in second place! It was a good time, despite the 18 degree temps, which Cohen and I endured with smiles on our faces in a 2 season tent:


Hoar Frost Columns, beautiful sunrise

This morning we had our second lowest temperature of the year, bottoming out at 19F. I went out with my iphone and handy macro lens to snap a few pictures of the frost leaves and found that most of the dirt under the plants was covered in hoar frost columns! 



Fixing a fraying iPhone/iPod/iTouch USB cable



 I found that after a lot of usage, and accidental tugging and yanking, that my iphon charging cord was becoming damaged were the cord runs into the plug head. My first inclination was to use regular black electrical tape to fix the problem, but I hate now the stuff leaves sticky residue and tends to slide around.


PhotoTrader V1.5 review


In this review I'll only cover some of the new features of version 1.5 of the PhotoTrader app. Please see my previous write up for my review of PhotoTrader itself.


PhotoTrader iPhone app review

ptphoto4.jpgThe Photoswap (PS) developers seem to be pretty content with their app, no doubt they have thousands of users and the app does what it says it does. However, I noted in a previous post the numerous shortcomings and my wishlist of improvements for a Photoswap "v2".


6 day swap

IMG_0032.PNGI had a compelling 6 day swap going with a great swapper in Oregon that would have gone longer had I not hit the "messages" button instead of the "reply". Thread wiped away. This is definitely one of those features that Photoswap V2 needs: the ability to store/recall friends and maintain multiple threads.


Blocked from Photoswap!

I'll admit, I probably had it coming. I had enough of the swaps of hairy legs and TV's in dark rooms, so I created a bogus "The Reality-of-Photoswap Scavenger" hunt as a statement of protest, and evidently a few people did not find it amusing.


Ok, Photoswap, I gave you the benefit of doubt

IMG_0032.PNGAlright, I tried. I really tried. I made it a point to not become one of "those guys" on Photoswap and send endless inane photos of hairy legs or my TV in a darkened room. I would go on walks at lunch taking photos of interesting things to swap. But for my efforts I am rewarded with hairy legs and photos of floors and sheets.


iPhone Camera improvements

One of the fun features of the iPhone  is the built-in camera. Like with all smartphones and cell phones, the camera is essentially a secondary device with limited functionality. The features are usually limited to "digital" zoom and maybe some brightness adjustment. The iPhone's amazing array of apps has extended the functionality of the camera phone idea but there are still some issues that I would like to see resolved.


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